Industry Focus Interview: The Boileroom

boileroom bannerAs regular TMMP readers will know, Guildford-based music venue The Boileroom is currently under threat of closure. To say that this situation stirred up some intense feelings is something of an understatement; artists as diverse as Jamie Lenman, Arcane Roots, Enter Shikari and Ed Sheeran have voiced their support for the small venue, while The Boileroom’s petition has attracted nearly 20,000 signatures from outraged live music fans.

In this exclusive interview, I sat down with Dom Frazer (The Boileroom’s owner and Director), Lydia Stockbridge (In-House Booker & Promoter), Duncan Smith (Assistant In-House Booker & Promoter), and Pip Ellis (Designated Premises Supervisor) to discuss their venue, its present predicament, and the reality of living life in live music. Continue reading

Parachute For Gordo – ‘Decoy Octopus’

parachute for gordo logoParachute For Gordo are nothing if not inventive – and this video serves only to carve that statement in stone and shine a crystal-clear spotlight upon it. Fittingly quirky, unusual, and strangely attractive, Decoy Octopus is a must-watch for anyone willing to push some boundaries and indulge their arty side.

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Read TMMP’s review of PFG’s entire Ten Metres Per Second Per Second album (from which Decoy Octopus is taken) here.

Brontide – ‘Artery’

Brontide ArteryAbsorbing rather than alienating, feel-filled instead of soul drainingly self-indulgent, and valuing honesty over obfuscation and pretentiousness: Artery is the kind of album you’ll be listening to until you’re old and grey if you afford it the time to sink beneath your skin. Themes form and fade away and re-emerge transformed, context shifting subtly. From the *shels-with-sharper-edges vibe of Tonitro to the Joe Satriani-esque rock progressions and Whammy Pedal squeals of Cabin and Knives‘ Tom-Morello-on-crack riffage, this collection of beautifully crafted pieces is much more than merely “good” – it’s goddamn incredible.

A must for all fans of guitar-centric instrumental music – especially those who value emotional connection over note density.

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Falsense – ‘Keep In Mind’

Keep in mind EPProgressive music should live up to its name. In other words, it should progress and look forward rather than lazily gazing backward into retro-ville. With that in mind, it’s great to hear Falsense getting it right once again.

Created with the help of co-producer Rabea Massaad and mastering magician Dave Hollingworth at new Brighton studio The CoveKeep In Mind is the clearest and fattest-sounding Falsense release to date, showcasing the multifaceted talents of a unique and singlemindedly driven musician in the best light so far. As for the music – well, to call it intense would be something of an understatement. Imagine a cross between The Dillinger Escape Plan and Diablo Swing Orchestra soundtracking an opiate-induced nightmare storyboarded by David Lynch, and you’ll be pretty close.

Whether you can, can’t, will, or won’t follow those guidelines, be sure to watch out for Keep In Mind when it drops in just two days’ time.


Keep In Mind is out on September 1st; follow Falsense on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

For more Falsense, try TMMP’s interview with the man himself, along with reviews for previous Falsense releases One Tonne Skeleton and Death Of A Hidden Influence.

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Alt-J – ‘Every Other Freckle’

alt-j every other freckle coverAlt-J may project a slightly different vibe to previous TMMP reviewees Slipknot, but they’re no less experimental. Every Other Freckle is, in its own way, complex and challenging yet equally rewarding and even joyous. There are sounds in here that you will not – will not - hear anywhere else; and what more could you ask from the musicians of the world?! This track is well worth your time, whether arty alt-pop is your normal thing or not.

Variety is the spice of life, after all.

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Slipknot – ‘The Negative One’

10575356_10152316461317672_8971934583872990296_o (1)Some of my favourite songs have been acquired tastes – but as a music critic, I get so swamped with new music and review requests that I rarely have time to give anything a second chance, let alone a third or fourth. For Slipknot, however, I’m obviously going to make an exception – and it goes without saying that I could never regret doing so. The Negative One, for me, was definitely an acquired taste – there’s something about the updated vocal / drum styles that, at first, put me off.

However, this time is not the first time I’ve given The Negative One a shot – and it’s not the first time that a first-time reaction has been proven wrong and replaced with the awesomeness of discovering a fresh favourite. So yes – The Negative One is fucking brilliant. Looking forward to hearing it live…

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Slipknot official website.

OMSQ – ‘Thrust / Parry’

omsq white suitWhile listening to this album, I felt less of a listener and more an explorer of some strange, alien world. Here are the relevant reports, dictated within the world of OMSQ:

Opening with a psychedelic noise freakout and progressing through doom-laden drums and epic wah-drenched fly-picking, opening piece Craving is aptly named, taking me back to the time I kicked processed sugar out of my body and couldn’t stand the sight of even a single Krispy Kreme doughnut for fear of eating ten.

Fuzz and filth underpin second track Relapse – all fierce determination, vicious rhythms, and pounding relentlessness before beginning to fall apart. This track more than lives up to its name. Extra helpings of wah-fuelled filth lead into…

Soleil. Such a sick noise-based melody thrown up above droning fuzz-synths and heavy doom-rock rhythms before disturbing samples stick up over harsh feedback and one hell of a riff kicks in. Yes.

Noordzee: Elegant jazz? Well, why the hell not? A tasteful and easy-going interval – perhaps much needed after the previous three tracks’ intensity and before…

North Sea - which is quick to turn apocalyptic and slow to build. Hypnotic grooves and lengthy tones turn nasty behind experimental vocals before explosive riffs introduce the tipping point. Distorted whirlwinds and out-of-phase sweeps drop to reveal Transformer-having-a-heart-attack noises – and then the filth returns. Straight-ahead riffs force spontaneous headbanging and it all climaxes amid hectic noise-guitar and a single sludgy chord.

The Outsider: Tarantino-movie guitars, a fascinating voiceover, and a sparse and bluesy guitar solo soothe and inspire in equal measure.

White Suit: Tempo-shifting madness, eerie melodic approaches, and epic prog rhythms combine to make this a strangely attractive cut.

It All Seems: Quicksand acoustics fade in and out.

(thrust): Crazy mechanical and vocal samples blend together and vie for attention.

Värgmitzvah: Hectic riffage galloping across a blastbeat-ridden backdrop, followed by long-tone melodies and eerie samples. Vinyl-only bonus track.

(parry): Everyday crowd chatter, lilting acoustic strums, baby’s cries and folky vibes.

Limitless: Music box samples and thick guitar. Clean and dirty tones clash and throb. Waves of distortion threaten to overpower melodies and spoken word; pulsing eighth notes fall away onto spiky chord work and thin and precise ride cymbal hits. Doom vibes permeate throughout. Industrial riffs and aggressive flams. This is immense.

4-48: Has to be heard to be believed. Progressive doomy sludge, noise, more samples, and precise stop-on-a-dime moments mark this out as a highlight and perfect closer.


Thrust / Parry will be released on September 5th. Click here for more details.

OMSQ official website.

Dirty Loops – ‘Ta Fête’

dirty loops press shotDirty Loops do it again. Seriously – is there anything these guys can’t turn their hands to?! Funky, hot, and seriously jaw-dropping, Dirty Loops pull out all the stops yet again on Ta Fête.

I’d say that more bands need to combine ultra-fast slap bass, French lyrics, and filthy synths – but matching this tune is a pretty tough ask. If you’re up to the challenge, submit your efforts to TMMP and let’s see how it goes…

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