For Astronauts And Satellites Prepare To Hit America In The Bleepy And Bloopy Bits

for astronauts and satellites press shotYou can tell just from their name that For Astronauts And Satellites are more than a little ambitious. Not content with breaking brains with their Game Boy-abusing live shows or putting out an eponymous chiptune/post-rock mini-album, For Astronauts And Satellites are now aiming to take their inventive and exciting ideas across the pond. There’s only one downside – the cost of actually getting to America – and to cover that, For Astronauts And Satellites are offering fans of fresh music the chance to get involved via crowdfunding platform GoFundMe. Continue reading

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Trevor Gordon Hall – ‘Turning Ruts Into Grooves’

trevor gordon hallAlthough this piece is aimed at creative people who are traversing the long, desolate desert of writer’s block, it’s also a great pick-me-up for anyone experiencing an awkward life period, whether it be termed a “dry patch” or a “dark night of the soul”. On Turning Ruts Into Grooves, Trevor Gordon Hall employs his virtuosic guitar talents in evoking feelings of uncertainty, ambiguity, anxiety, inertia, and the slow emergence of fresh direction and determination. Not so much a piece of music as an act of public service. Continue reading

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Artist Interview: Kyshera

kyshera 2

Welsh alt-metallers Kyshera have a lot going for them right now. Their fans are true fanatics, getting hyper at shows and spreading the good word about their favourite band all over the world; the respect and love afforded them have been hard earned through two albums and countless shows; and 2015 is looking bright and promising, with third Kyshera LP Circles on the way. TMMP caught up with frontman James Kennedy to find out more. Continue reading

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We Are The Ocean – ‘Ark’

we are the oceanI got my teeth into this track a few days ago, and quickly wrote up a piece full of thoughtful phrases and quirky descriptions of its inner goings-on. But since then, I’ve not been able to stop listening to it – and my old words have been consigned to the circular file. Words, orgasms, and white sugar aside, I don’t have much of an addictive personality – but Ark is officially my fourth vice. As a music journalist, this kind of craving is not good for a career based on listening to innumerable songs over the course of a day, rather than just one – but when I mentally implode and wind up working as a “waste disposal technician”, at least I’ll be able to look forward to listening to Ark on the drive home. Continue reading

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Live Review: Massmatiks / Beasts / Faux (The Star, Guildford, 17/11/14)

massmatiks tourIn Guildford, Monday night is student night – and normally, it’s not pretty. Last night, though, the streets were almost deserted, the freezing air probably prompting the town’s partygoers to settle for a night in front of the fire instead. Those in the know, however, headed Star-ward to check out one of the local scene’s favourite live acts, and give a chance to whoever might be supporting them. Continue reading

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