The Hell – ‘Groovehammer’

the hell groovehammerThe first time I heard about The Hell, I was advised to imagine The Lonely Island – only metal. Well, The Hell might not have Justin Timberlake crooning about how “Every Mother’s Day needs a Mother’s Night”, but they do have a bottomless bag of fat grooves and slightly less than serious lyrics. And they’re called The Hell – which should really be enough for any self-respecting metal fan. Continue reading

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For Astronauts And Satellites Prepare To Hit America In The Bleepy And Bloopy Bits

for astronauts and satellites press shotYou can tell just from their name that For Astronauts And Satellites are more than a little ambitious. Not content with breaking brains with their Game Boy-abusing live shows or putting out an eponymous chiptune/post-rock mini-album, For Astronauts And Satellites are now aiming to take their inventive and exciting ideas across the pond. There’s only one downside – the cost of actually getting to America – and to cover that, For Astronauts And Satellites are offering fans of fresh music the chance to get involved via crowdfunding platform GoFundMe. Continue reading

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